Ski Touring Initiation

Ski touring initiation involves 2 stages:

  • Ascertaining the alpine skiing physical and technical skills of the trainee (1 hour).
  • Depending on the level of skills, the adjustment stage to the off-piste environment and to the specific equipment as well as the transition from alpine skiing to ski touring are being started.

We learn to choose our paths according to the peculiarities encountered on-site and to “decode” the secrets of the snow. Technical knowledge about on-snow movement techniques, using specific ski touring equipment will also be taught. Generic avalanche related information, types of avalanches and rescue techniques will be discussed. Also, this is when the adjustment to off-piste and the off-piste descent techniques begins.

Training sessions take place in the Bucegi, Baiului or Ciucaș, Postăvaru/Poiana Brașov mountain areas. If a single training session is being chosen, the class will consist in a circuit selected according to the preparation level of trainees.

Classes of two to four sessions will be scheduled throughout the entire winter season, in line with the appointments planned at the beginning of the season.

Minimum required equipment:

  • ski touring boots.
  • skis provided with pin bindings or with classical bindings for ski touring.
  • avalanche rescue kit.

If the trainee does not own such equipment, EXPLORESKI, via its Equipment Rental Service, may provide all the necessary means at a preferential price.

Ski touring initiation.

Prices for the 2022//2023 season:

  • 1 session for 1 to 2 persons – 380 ron/person
  • 1 session for 3 to 4 persons – 330 ron/person
  • 2 sessions for 1 to 2 persons – 660 ron/person
  • 2 sessions for 3 to 4 persons – 560 ron/person

The length of one session is between 4 and 5 hours.

Prices above do not include the necessary equipment or the cable transportation fees, if they are required. They do include, should this be the case, the avalanche rescue equipment.